Elite SD
Elite SD deflected to 1/3 and 1/10 of blank length

Elite SD

Medium Fast Action, Light, Sensitive : 7'0" - 10'0"

Super light cast & spin with exceptional sensitivity


Made from our highest grade carbons and coupled with our unique VeroCore Carbon Helical core, the Elite SD range is super sensitive with exceptional power to weight ratio.

The latest versions use a new style of tip taper to further lighten this area and increase the power, making for a lively and sensitive action to detect the finest of strikes. The mid area is progressive, loading the powerful butt section evenly for greater casting distance. Based on our finesse style systems, the SD is perfect for casting and working small lures off the beach, stray lining off the rocks and other land based situations.

The SD series is becoming one of our most popular models in the the 7′- 8′ range for working delicate streams where precise lure control from the  slightly stiffer tip area and broader loading provides.

Above this range we move into our more heavy duty BayCaster series. Going shorter in length, we move to the slightly more radical Elite MagSpin series. If you’re wanting to stay with a longer length but cast a lot lighter and keep a bit of power in the lower half of the rod, then the Revo is your series.

Material Grade: CTS HM Carbon System | Core: VeroCore Carbon Helix | Taper: Moderate Fast | Taper Type: Double Taper | Action: Medium Fast to Fast | Rating: Finesse

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