Elite SD

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Super light cast & spin with exceptional sensitivity


The super sensitive Elite SD has an exceptional power to weight ratio.It’s one of our most popular models in the the 8′ range for working delicate streams where precise lure control from the slightly stiffer tip area is called for.


The tip taper is light, with increased power – making for a lively and sensitive action to detect the finest of strikes. The mid area is progressive, loading the powerful butt section evenly for greater casting distance. The finesse styled SD is also perfect for casting and working small lures off the beach, stray lining off the rocks and other land based situations.


Above this range we move into our more heavy duty BayCaster series. Shorter in length is the slightly more radical Elite MagSpin series. If you’re wanting to stay with a longer length but cast a lot lighter and keep a bit of power in the lower half of the rod, then you can’t go past Revo.


  • Material Grade: CTS HM Carbon System
  • Core: VeroCore™ Carbon Helix
  • Taper: Moderate Fast
  • Taper Type: Double Taper
  • Action: Medium Fast to Fast
  • Rating: Finesse


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1 review for Elite SD

  1. Fishvet

    I got this blank because I wanted a long, light weight rod for back bays that I could throw light lures on and get good distance.

    I built it using KR concept and kl-h guides. I used the new guide software on anglers resources and transitioned down to 4.5 runners using all titanium SiC. It’s has 9 runners, 4 Kb and 5 kt. It’s matched with a stradic fj 4000 using suffix 832 10# test. This blank with this set up is a lot of fun. It’s as close to fly fishing as you get with a spinner.

    The rod is rated moderate to fast and it is sort of. The tip is very soft, but then it gradually transitions to a pretty tough and stiff bottom third as opposed to a very fast blank. It’s got balls for its diameter. I was surprised, but it’s deceptive. With a decent blue the tip bends almost 180 but remains unbroken and then the power of the rest of the rod is there. One just has to get used to this and trust it. I thought for sure some fish were smaller than they ended up being because I expected less capability in the blank. I’m not calling it a tank but for those with reservations about its narrow diameter reconsider.

    It just feels damn good to cast it. I don’t know how to explain it. The long train of runners ends of producing a lot less sound and it seems to rifle the line down the blank. It casts precisely were you intend it to go. I attribute this mostly to the rapid choke and many runners, but the blank certainly has it’s own qualities. For instance you can feel everything that is going on with the plug on the other end. With 1/4-3/8 oz bucktails it feels like you can see the bottom. I never weighed them but caught blues up to 34″ without a problem and much more fun than with a heavy dutier rod that could get the same distance with so little effort on such light plugs. At greater than 1/2 oz it gets overloaded in the tip and doesn’t feel right anymore. I tried some at 5/8ths and 3/4. You end up having to lob it and the pleasure is lost.

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