Charles from GT Fight Club giving the Maven 8'3" 6-8oz a workout
Charles from GT Fight Club-2SeaMaster StickBait deflected to 1/10 and 1/3 of blank lengthOur lightest PE2-4 Stickbait with an 18kg (40lb) deadlift.Our lightest PE2-4 Stickbait with an 12kg (26lb) deadlift at 45 degress.

SeaMaster StickBait


The very latest addition to our world class blue water surface lure range. The SeaMaster Stickbait range is based closely on our  Seamaster Popper range but with  softer tip area that transitions smoothly through the middle part of the blank to a strong, powerful butt.

Perfect for casting and working stickbaits other metal lures.

A combination of high modulus carbons,  CTS’s unique Uni-directional S Glass and the CTS carbon helical core makes this series some of the slimmest, lightest and strongest available.

The Stickbait range comes standard as 8’3″ with and offset tip into butt join at 32″ from base.

If you’re looking to work heavy lures, then move to our SeaMaster Popper range.
Note: When comparing the casting weights between the Popper series and Stickbait series, please add around 50%. Ie a 100-150g rating in the Popper series is roughly the same as a 150-225g in the StickBait series.

Technology: 100% High Strength Carbon with VeroCore Carbon Helix | Taper: Medium Fast | Taper Type: Double Taper| Action: Moderate to Fast | Rating: Surface Jig

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