The World’s Finest Fishing Rods and Blanks

CTS is New Zealand’s designer and manufacturer of the finest high performance fishing rods and blanks. We’re known throughout the world for our design innovation and exceptional performance and quality.

All I have read and heard is true. This is the straightest blank I have ever seen. The power to weight ratio really is unbelievable. Thank you.
Randy, USA
Since picking up my first CTS I’ve never been able to use anything else, It’s my opinion that they are the finest blanks on the market. The colour selection and wide range of products are second to none.
Se Xiong, Ontario, Canada
I would like to thank you and your coworkers for an outstanding work and outstanding treatment of me as customer.  I wish you best of luck
Halvard Didriksson, Ostersund, Sweden
The Affinity rod is just awesome. We can apply a lot of pressure without fear of the rod breaking. We will definitely be getting more of these blanks.
Darren Kai, CSC Rodz, Hawaii
…(Before using CTS) I had in regular use, a half a dozen of two-handed flyrods for which I’d been fully satisfied. Anyway none of those have been in use this season, mainly because of my new CTS’s. I think that pretty much says it all…
Janne Aikio, Finland
16 #8-9 Affinity DH. What can I say, this was the firestarter for the whole rod operation, and in a word it’s everything I imagined it to be.
Janne, Finland
I am now fishing with my 9″#5 Affinity Plus and I have never been impressed more with any other rod I have used.  It is amazing, how much power this rod has… I congratulate the team for this rod, and I can assure you, this is not my last CTS rod.
Wolfgang, Austria
I don’t own a finer fishing rod than the one I built on your blank.
Sean Walker, Fort Worth, TX, USA
The surf rods we worked on last year came out incredible.  I couldn’t be happier with my purchases and I am extremely grateful for the help in getting things squared away with UPS and getting the new blanks in my hands.
Jonathan Petersen, Hicksville, NY, USA
The 3pc #6 impressed me with its sensitivity and ease with which it produced tight accurate casts… this rod proved to consistently meet my highest expectations.
Peter Wilton, Professional Fly Fishing guide – Taupo, New Zealand
I was hesitant about getting blanks from a company so far away, New Zealand, but CTS made the process a piece of cake. The blanks themselves were all beautifully finished and straight as arrows.
Steve Mikel, Michigan, USA
A rod that you could use all day without feeling like you have been casting a broomhandle. A well presented rod that has been finished exceptionally well. All round an exceptional rod.
David Webb, NZ Fly Fishing Guide (Manawatu) NZPFGA
CTS is a first class operation. I was originally drawn to them for their ability to do concept design/engineering of multi pc. fly rods, especially the longer two handed rods. Their work is always prompt, and flawless…
Bob Meiser,
Guys, Just a quick line to share a big thumbs up for the blanks sent so far. All excellent quality, and the performance has been nothing short of phenomenal!!! Very pleased <> Thanks for a job well done.
Bob Meiser,
My AFFINITY X 9′ #6  in golden olive with smooth green snake ring windings is perfect, now at the near end of 2. season.  mostly I use WF5F rio gold flyline, but also sometimes with heavier nymphs or middle streamer an WF6F Lefty Gray.  Any guys who have seen it are very impressed of the rod; and after casting tests, with both fly line classes,from beginners to advanced fly fishers  trying long casts  up to the whole  fly line in the air, ” It’s unbelieveable which immense power is in this marvelous, light weight rod. Thats my experience with I’ ll say your FLAG SHIP !!!!!.
Gerhard Pilsl, Austria
Considering we communicated requirements by email over about 12,000 miles the result has turned out spot on, the rod action being exactly as I envisaged it should be for the river I fish. I am very happy with the result thank you so much.
Peter, United Kingdom
I have been building rods for over 40 years, I won most of the world rod build offs, I used every big name brand blank there is, I have to say, your blanks that I just received are the best blanks I have ever held in my hands.

The graphite blank is thinner, lighter and crisper than a comparable Gatti blank (none of the US companies come even close to that.) The glass blank stuns me more than a Kabuto blank.

Mark, USA