New Zealand rod technology. Leading the world.


The making of every CTS rod or blank is as much about science as it is art. That’s where the company’s founder, Stephen Pratt, and his team come in.


With a technology degree from Massey University, the curiosity of an inventor and a passion to create the perfect fishing rod, Stephen established CTS in 1999. Since then, thousands of fishermen and custom rod builders have beaten a path to his door.


Continuous innovation of CTS products is driven by a desire to revolutionize the experience of fishing, rather than to innovate merely for the sake of change. And by concentrating on quality rather than volume, the team has created a name for CTS worldwide.


But as well as a commitment to superior quality and performance, Stephen is also dedicated to understanding and delivering on every customer’s unique requirements.


We hosted Two Cowboys & a Camera at CTS.


They’re story tellers who travel the world visiting makers and producers in local communities – Makers like CTS and MAVEN, our finished rod company. We were delighted to take them around our world-class manufacturing facility and rod building studio, and give them an opportunity to show you what goes into making our rod blanks and finished rods.


“This is not so much a fishing rod business, as it is a business for beauty, function and ingenuity.” – Two Cowboys