Painting Rod Blanks

CTS has developed in-house a proprietary computer based, programmable spray paint system to achieve the high quality rod blank paint finishes we are renowned for.


Our custom machinery will hold a blank vertically, rotate it, and introduce a very fine and targeted spray pattern onto the blank.


The system is programmed to perfectly paint each and every rod blank in our catalogue, with precise acceleration and deceleration depending on the blank’s diameter at any point.


New Zealand rod technology. Leading the world.

CTS Colours of Autumn
CTS Paint System


Our blanks are perfectly cured with exceptional gloss levels in less than an hour, thanks to a high tech conveyor driven paint oven. An anti-static air system and electronic air dryer ensure that dust and other foreign items are not introduced into the paint system.


Any day of the year, regardless of humidity or cold, our CTS paint system provides a perfect result that we’re immensely proud of.


There are also certain environmental benefits of the systems and processes we use for painting rod blanks – we have very little wastage or paint loss, and our oven technology allows us to use less solvents while maintaining the highest gloss levels.


We use automotive grade finish paints. Many of our non translucent colours are coated with a base colour that includes a chip protector additive, and finished with a high gloss clear second coat.