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With our all new proprietary Helixwrap, we’ve launched rod power and lightness to another level.

CTS blanks were already well known for their incredible power-to-weight ratios thanks to our VeroCore™ Carbon Helix Core technology.


Now, with our larger and longer blanks, such as the S7 Surf series, we’ve designed a blank structure that offers not one but two helical cores – carefully wrapped inside dual uni-directional carbon fibres.


  • Helix2 is used extensively in our latest generation S7 blanks (from Feb 2018)
  • Dual helix wraps sandwich and encase the zero-axis (lengthwise) fibres to reduce fibre buckling in high load situations.
  • Blanks are a lot more efficient and light weight
  • Wall-thickness-to-diameter ratios are reduced, which increase power to weight significantly
  • Blanks are better able to withstand compressive loads that cause buckling failure
  • Allows for even lower resin content to push the boundaries of fibre:resin ratios