CTS Affinity X
Affinity FX deflected to 1/3 of blank length

Affinity X

Fast Action 7'6" - 12'0"

The Affinity Series blanks represent the forefront of blank design, utilizing all the features of the CTS blank technology program.
Short to medium casting strokes, delivering improved control and accuracy. The latest iteration of our Affinity X series has a lower diameter to improve strength and agility. A delicate tip area loads the blank smoothly and quickly into the solid upper mid area, making it perfect for delicate situations.
Matched with a strong butt area, this blank delivers plenty of power down low when needed.

If you’re looking for a Czech Nymphing blank, the Affinity X is perfect in models 10′-12′ & #2 through to #4. The power that is held in the butt section of the Affinity X helps to control the softer tip area in these longer lengths.

If you’re looking for something with immense lifting power, then our Revo is an exciting new take on powerhouse fly.


Material Grade: Ultra sensitive 57msi high modulus | Core: VeroCore Carbon Helix | Taper: Fast | Action: Fast – Extra Fast

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Affinity X

  1. :

    My AFFINITY X 9′ #6 in golden olive with smooth green snake ring windings is perfect, now at the near end of 2. season. mostly I use WF5F rio gold flyline, but also sometimes with heavier nymphs or middle streamer an WF6F Lefty Gray.
    Any guys who have seen it are very impressed of the rod; and after casting tests, with both fly line classes,from beginners to advanced fly fishers trying long casts up to the whole fly line in the air, ” It’s unbeliveable which immens power is in this marvelous, light weight rod.
    thats my experience with I’ ll say your FLAG SHIP !!!!!
    best regards from AUSTRIA
    Gerhard Pilsl

  2. :

    Dear Herb Ladenheim,

    Today I had a chance to take your rods out and cast them heads up with a Loomis NRX, our 8-weight shootout winner. I must say that I liked your rods very much. They are nice and light with less swing weight than the Loomis – more like an Orvis Helios 2. The faster rod, the FX, was my favorite but both rods cast quite well.

    It looks like there is a light coat of finish on the blanks but most manufacturers seem to use a heavier finish coat. Of course I cannot comment on the strength of these rods, but if they will hold up, they would be good. We know that the Loomis NRX rods are not one of the lightest rods out there, but they are definitely the toughest.

    I liked the taper on the FX and it’s nice quick tip allowed for some good accuracy in close.

    I don’t have the time to do a full examination of these rods to compare them to others in our 8-weight shootout ………..they would definitely compete with the best rods for #1 overall.

    The craftsmanship was excellent, and I especially liked the fancy grips and the style. The double lock seat is top notch of course. So everything about the rods looks very good to me and I’m impressed.

    Best regards,

    George Anderson
    The Yellowstone Angler
    Livingston, Montana

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