CTS Affinity Float
Affinity Float deflected to 1/3 of blank length

Affinity Float

$NZD 330$NZD 467

Center Pin Float 13’0″-15’0″


A series of blanks with performance and sensitivity that is in a class of its own. A sensitive tip area balanced with smooth, subtle loading characteristics on hook up make this one of the most unique blank series on the market.

The CTS variable weight helical core greatly improves tip lightness and sensitivity. Extensive CAD has helped us engineer a very smooth loading blank.

Material Grade: Ultra sensitive 57msi high modulus | Core: VeroCore Carbon Helix | Taper: Moderate Fast | Action: Moderate

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13’0″, 13’6″, 15’0″


1.5-3kg / 8-14g (3-6lb / 0.3-0.5oz), 3-5kg / 10-20g (6-10lb / 0.4-0.7oz)


2pc, 3pc


Satin Blue, White Pearl, Clear, Forest Green, Jet Black, Satin Teal, Aqua, Ocean, Tangerine, Chestnut, Satin Black, Walnut, Emerald, Satin Space Grey, Amethyst, Honey Brown, Mississippi Gold, Steel, Charcoal, Sapphire, Violet, Deep Blue, Satin Latte, Aluminium, Golden Plum, Lime, Space Grey, Chameleon Green Gold, Ruby, Titanium, Dark Olive, Satin Green, Alpine White, Golden Brown, Lemon, Silver, Candy Apple Red, Pink, Tennessee Orange, Dark Golden Olive, Satin Chocolate, P2000, Gold, Latte, Satin White, Bright Orange, Onyx, Teal, Cobalt

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