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GT Fight

Shore Line Popping 9'0"- 11'0"

Working with Nathan and Charles from GT Fight Club in Hawaii,  we’re super excited about the new GT Fight series.

The GT Fight series is based off our immensely popular BayCaster series. They have a 40:60 section split and are the first heavy duty blanks to utilize our new Generation 3 design system. They incorporate a range of fibre types to deliver the power and dynamic response needed. We’ve added a woven carbon outer layer to increase durability and damage tolerance along with an S-Glass tip ‘bumper’ that the guys insisted was needed for the extremely rugged / volcanic conditions that these rods will be subjected to. The diagram at left shows the material make up of our Generation 3 design system:

  1. A 1K box weave with our new Satin unsanded finish. This layer ties together and supports the core uni-directional fibres and adds a robust outer layer capable of taking knocks and abrasion.
  2. The middle / core section of the laminate is the powerhouse for the blank. This is made from pure uni-directional carbon. We vary the grades of this material from our CTS HS system through to our CTS IM system. This blend varies depending on the area of the blank and what we want this part of the blank to achieve.
  3. A lightweight carbon helical for hoop strength and to improve compression strength. The carbon helical core varies in weight from tip through to the butt. We’re careful not to add any unnecessary weight.

Available in Hawaii exclusively through GT Fight Club LLC (gtfightclub.com), or via our web shop for customers outside of Hawaii.

Looking for something longer?, then the S7 is worth a look. Going a little lighter  or shorter? Move to our BayCaster.

Material Grade: CTS IM and HS systems | Core: VeroCore Carbon Helix | Taper: Fast | Taper Type: Single, Progressive | Action: Medium Fast | Rating: Sport Surface

The GT fight series is rated as a heavy casting tool for working poppers. When comparing these cast ratings to our other series such as the Vapor TrailBayCaster  please increase the ratings by around 2/3. Ie an GT 2.5-4oz cast will be roughly comparable to a BayCaster 3-6oz .  If you’re looking to work StickBaits on the surface with this series, then multiply the ratings by 3. ie the 2.5-4oz will work stick baits in the 7oz (200g) and above range.


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    Does this rod that i have describe come with a case? I plan to pair it with a daiwa saltiga 3500H or 4000H with 30lbs braid. Lures stickbait /poppers up to 4oz. I love casting from shore and primary target is big GTs, kingfish groupers dog tooth snappers. How long is delivery time? Thank you and looking forward to your comments and advises.

    • :

      Hi there, we supply the rod blank only, not the finished rod. You can try the guys at GT Fight Club (http://gtfightclub.com/) for finished rods using these blanks.

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