Quartz DH

$NZD 400

The all new 2017 CTS Quartz DH, featuring our proprietary CrystalGlass™ material – extremely high grade uni-directional S-Glass with amazing clarity.


Smooth loading and with great power, the new generation Quartz DH is a delight to fish. Solid loading with a huge sweet spot.


  • Material Grade: Uni-directional S Glass
  • Taper: Medium Fast
  • Action: Medium
  • Colours: CTS Colour Range



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2 reviews for Quartz DH

  1. Gayleen Pratt

    The DH11 is a very powerful and smooth blank. The grain window is spot on. A 425gr scandi head is money for me. I also enjoyed throwing a 375gr Skagit short head.

  2. Gayleen Pratt

    I built an an 11ft 6wt for a guy from Canada that uses it on Great Lakes trib’s. It has a load window of 350 to about 500 grains, when I was playing around with it, I put a Cortland Short Belly Spey line on it, 6/7wt. It did roll and spey style casts very well. You could feel an even load all the way down into the blank. The reports I get from the owner, he loves it for swinging tube flies.

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