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Stickbait & Popper


SeaMaster is our topwater collection for surface lure casting of stickbaits and poppers. SeaMaster blanks are smooth loading, with a progressive transition to a powerful butt.


A combination of high modulus carbons,  our unique Uni-directional S Glass and the CTS carbon helical core makes this series some of the slimmest, lightest and strongest available. The Popper model features a stiffer tip than the Stickbait.

All models feature an offset tip-into-butt join at 32″ from the base.


Note: When comparing casting weights of the Popper to Stickbait models, please add around 50%. i.e a 100g Popper rating is roughly the same as a 150 Stickbait rating.


  • Technology: 100% High Strength Carbon with VeroCore™ Carbon Helix
  • Taper: Medium Fast
  • Taper Type: Double
  • Action: Moderate to Fast
  • Rating: Surface Jig


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