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Quartz 376

$NZD 300

The all new 2017 CTS Quartz 376, featuring our proprietary CrystalGlass™ material – extremely high grade uni-directional S-Glass with amazing clarity. This responsive and powerful small stream 3wt blank is lightweight, yet strong and lively.


  • Length: 7’6″
  • Pieces: 3, 4
  • Material Grade: CrystalGlass™ Uni-directional S Glass
  • Taper: Fast
  • Action: Medium Fast
  • Colours: CTS Colour Range (Translucent on S Glass)


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3pc, 4pc


Shine (Clear), Amber, Azure, Burnt Orange, Dusk, Electric Orange, Flame, Go Green, Go Green Pearl, Golden Azure, Golden Honey, Golden Olive, Golden Persimmon, Golden Tea, Gunmetal, Honey, Lemon Drop, Olive, Orchid, Persimmon, Pure, Seaweed, Shoot, Slate, Smoke, Stone, Tea

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3 reviews for Quartz 376

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    The CTS Quartz is buttery smooth with a full flex action.

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    “I have the CTS Quartz 763/3pc; Steffen 7’6″ 2/3, 3pc; Barclay 723; Hardy 703 and Kenney 813. I suppose I like 3wts. They’re all good to great rods.
    If I only would keep one, I wouldn’t think twice. I like how the CTS cast, fishes and mends as well if not better than the rest of them. It possesses a progressive action. It can cast line effortlessly and without any thought.” – Glass Fanatic, Western PA

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    “The CTS Quartz 763 is fairly crisp for a glass rod of it’s length and line wt. It’s lighter than the Orvis 763. I cast one this spring. It seemed like an decent rod but for me there’s no debate. It’ll give you good distance for a glass 3wt just like the Orvis. The big difference is the feel. Like riding a luxury car vs a dump truck, CTS hands down.” – Fiberglass Flyrodders Forum

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