Section Request

$NZD 60

If you need to order a spare section or a repair, you’re in the right place. Please order here and we will contact you when we receive your request.


We prefer to have the last 4″ of each end of a broken section posted to us. This way we can match colour accurately, and ensure the fit lengths are correct. If you only want to supply the measurements, then we can work with this, but everyone measures something differently, and we therefore can’t guarantee the replacement part will fit exactly the same as the broken part.


All repairs are subject to an admin service fee of NZ $60 plus return shipping. When shipping parts to us, please mark the shipment as ‘Repairs’ with No Commercial Value (NCV).


  • OD = Outside diameter of male section at the point where the female section slides down to.
Please make measurements to 0.05mm/0.002” accuracy.
  • L= Overlap length or fit length.
Please make this measurement to the nearest 1mm / 0.04″
We count sections from the butt to the tip.
i.e. In a 4pc blank, the butt is Section 1 and the Tip is Section 4.