Using our highest modulus carbons we keep the profile of the Vapor Trail series to an absolute minimum.

This series cuts through the air with minimal resistance. The medium parabolic action loads evenly with a smooth large arc that provides the ability to cast light lures a very long distance, while retaining strength and power to control the fish.

From a review by RH Custom Rods:

“This series features the slower rod action that many Northeast anglers prefer but does it with an incredible blend of lightweight high modulus carbons in an extremely thin profile blank.

These rods load evenly in that familiar smooth and forgiving arc while having a flexible tip that provides the ability to work Poppers, Swimmers and bucktails well.

The extremely thin taper cuts effortlessly through the wind often encountered casting from the beaches and rock piles of the Striper Coast. The high modulus carbon blend with no woven fiber adds casting performance never before experienced in slower action rods.

Given their very thin diameter these blanks have an amazing amount of reserve power. These rods do not collapse under a powerful cast and their pulling power can turn the most powerful fish in the strongest undertow. These rods are rated precisely and perform very well even at the extremes of their ratings and surprisingly cast below their ratings with authority.”

If you’re looking to go shorter than 11’0″, then the BayCaster series is the way to go. For a ligher casting option, we have the Compound Motion. For a heavier duty system, the S7 is the one to look at.
Note, the Vapor Trial ratings are for surf. When comparing the Vapor Trail and Compound motion series, adjust the Vapor Trail down two models.
i.e the 2-40z Vapor Trail is two models heavier than the 2-4oz Compound Motion.

Material Grade: CTS HM Carbon System | Core: VeroCore Carbon Helix | Taper: Moderate Fast | Action: Moderate Fast
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